Bamboo Nursing Pads & Bag - 4 Layers

Bamboo Nursing Pads & Bag - 4 Layers


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Soft & Durable Bamboo Nursing Pads



Buddha Nappies Bamboo Nursing Pads are soft & gentle on the skin, as well as being super absorbent. They are comfortable & tuck neatly into your nursing bra/outfit. With a waterproof outer layer of fabric, you will feel safe & secure knowing that your clothing is protected. 


All Buddha Nappies Nursing Pad sets also come with a small wet bag. Perfect to throw in your hand bag for when you are out & about.  


Breast feeding is hard enough without having to be worried about crunchy, sticky, plastic disposable nursing pads!

*Please note wet bag design will vary depending on availability. 

Product details

Layers: Four layers

Material: Inner (against skin) - bamboo terry

               Middle layers (x2) - microfiber

               Outer (against clothing) - PUL (waterproof)

Diameter: 10cm

Package: 5 bright colors and each color has two pieces, totalling 10 pieces. 


Care Instructions

  • Prepare nursing pads by washing 2-3 times, on a warm/cold cotton wash, (no need to dry in between washes). Just like a towel, this opens up the fabric fibres which allows for maximum absorption.
  • Wash regularly either with nappies or clothes, in a wash bag. Use a warm or cold wash cycle and regular detergent. Line or tumble dry on low heat. 
  • Avoid fabric softener or high soap based detergents, as these can leave a residue on the nursing pads, preventing absorption. 
  • Remember, breast milk contains a significant amount of bacteria. Therefore, if you are not going to wash your nursing pads every day, once used, lay flat with the bamboo side up to air dry until wash day. This will help avoid any unwanted bacteria growth.