About Us

Saving the planet, your baby’s bum and your cash, one shitty nappy at a time!

What’s not to love about Australian owned and grown, Buddha Nappies?! 

Buddha Nappies proudly boasts honesty, quality, affordability, and sustainability. After all, the team behind Buddha Nappies are parents, and to put it simply, they don’t have time for anything less! 

Husband and wife duo, Leanne and Jake decided it was time to change up the nappy game! Leanne and Jake’s three children were the driving force behind making a product for parents who were tirelessly searching the market for modern cloth nappies that were of the highest quality, looked after their baby’s bums, lasted from birth through to toilet training, were affordable and sustainably produced. Sounds tough right?
The good news for everyone is, they did it! 


Introducing Buddha Nappies, the game-changers in changing bums! 


Isabelle, Geoffrey, and Evelyn, are the inspirations behind Buddha Nappies and Jake and Leanne’s tribe. When Leanne was pregnant with their second child, the duos second child Geoffrey was born, they decided “let’s dump disposables and give cloth a crack!” Giving cloth a crack just wasn’t enough; they were determined to create a reusable product designed by parents, for parents! 


This nappy creating team were on a mission; build a sustainable product that was to help parents achieve their parenting goals of;

  • Being environmentally conscious
  • Saving money
  • Putting their baby’s health first
  • Keeping things simple (parenting is hard enough without adding complications)


Look, we get it, you may already know that cloth nappies save you money and are better for the environment, but did you know just how good they are for your baby’s health? I you were to know about Knowing all the nasty chemicals found in disposable nappies it would make have any parent gasp,  so trust us - dump the disposals and invest in Buddha Nappies for your little one’s bums for life!


How can you trust that Buddha’s products are the sh*t?


No, not the kind found in dirty nappies, we mean an all-round, high-quality product. Well, Jake and Leanne have used Buddha Nappies put all three of their children in them

Buddha Nappies, their products are tried and tested on the nappy teams nearest and dearest. The Buddha Nappies team are passionate about developing products that work to make parents, grandparents and carers lives easier!

Like we do with all the mess our children make, Let’s clean up some cloth nappy myths! 

“I’d love to use cloth nappies, but my impression is they’re dirty and hard to use, I don’t want to put poo in my washing machine!”

False! The cleaning process is seamless and the Buddha designs have been carefully crafted to ensure, leakages, explosions and all shit things are effectively captured to stay in the one place! To clean your Buddha nappy, get rid of the poop (preferably in the toilet), chuck them in the wash, hang them on the line to dry [LR] (or in the dryer on warm - cause lets face it, every Mum loves a dryer) , and bam, they’re back on your baby’s bum before you know it. It’s really THAT simple! You can even chuck them in the dryer if the weather isn’t playing ball.
No soaker buckets, no nappy sand, so scrubbing, NO DRAMAS!


Now, let’s chat about how Buddha Nappies will actually SAVE you time. Late night supermarket runs to get more nappies? Forget them! You’ll never need to frantically head out for more nappies again, Buddha Nappies will always be with you! Purchasing different products for swimming? Forget that too! Buddha Nappies can double as water swimmer nappies with their durable water-resistant outer layer and effective water wearing designs. 

Once you buy Buddha Nappies, they’ll last you from birth through to toilet training! Now how’s that for saving time!


The best thing is, once you buy Buddha Nappies, they’ll last you from birth through to toilet training!